Whether presenting to ten or ten thousand people, I help you be heard.

Impactful Presentations

Impactful Presentations

The Impactful Presentations workshop helps you to confidently engage your audience and deliver with presence.

The way we speak and interact with colleagues and clients, influences how people think. Whether presenting to your team or pitching for new business, we can undermine our own authority.

This half-day workshop integrates voice and body work to help you gain greater self-awareness about your own habitual patterns. Chloé helps you identify and work on the key elements, including managing nerves, to help you influence people’s perceptions and to develop a confident, proactive presence.

On-camera and sense memory training
Chloé works with each participant individually. To identify your strengths and areas we’ll work on, Chloé films your presentation to give feedback on content, delivery, posture and tone. Together we create take-home tools and techniques to help you develop authority and confidence.

Chloé’s interactive ‘sense memory’ method uses established techniques from media trainers, actors, and journalists. The workshop doesn’t just mirror your presentation style – Chloé helps you feel the difference through experiencing feedback in real time.

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Impactful Presentations Workshop

  • Duration: four and a half hours
  • Participants: maximum of six
  • Industries include: advertising, architecture, banking, construction and engineering, technology and IT, tertiary education
  • Location: workshop held at your workplace or nominated training facility

Company Outcomes

  • Win more work through improving presentations at tender
  • Strengthen client relationships through strong, confident staff
  • Invest in staff professional development to:
    – Enhance your team’s consulting skills
    – Develop stronger commercial relationships and repeat business
  • Staff will plan and deliver business-winning presentations and act as ambassadors for your brand.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of being present and confident when delivering content
  • Recognise habitual speech patterns and how pauses and adequate breath support can empower you
  • Gain greater awareness of innate posture and body language
  • Develop an individual rehearsal plan to manage nervous energy
  • Understand what it means to be present in interactions
  • Feel greater confidence when preparing and delivering presentations.
Impactful Executive Coaching

Impactful Executive Coaching

These one-on-one sessions are specifically tailored to Directors, CEOs and Senior Executives to motivate, influence and inspire audiences.

Over four sessions, you will gain confidence and inspire trust and excitement in your audience. Whether you’re talking with crucial stakeholders or are being recorded at a conference for thousands, your leadership vision and authenticity becomes clear, and your ability to connect with others increases.

‘Impactful Executive Coaching’ is the one-on-one course of the ‘Impactful Presentations workshop’.

Chloé’s results-driven sessions combine immediate feedback, tailored exercises and on-camera active learning to help you look, act, and be perceived as a high-impact leader. She uses on-camera and sense memory training to increase your awareness of habitual patterns of speech and body.

‘Impactful Executive Coaching’ is designed to improve your performance over four sessions. By identifying the elements that promote (or undermine) your authority, Chloé gives you the tools and techniques to practice in your own time. Subsequent customized Impactful Executive Coaching one-on-one sessions are available.

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Impactful Executive Coaching Course

Duration: four one-hour sessions (four hours total)

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Suitable for: Directors, CEOs, Senior Executives and other professionals who need to inspire audiences
  • Location: workshops held at your workplace or nominated training facility
Impactful Public Speaking

Impactful Public Speaking

This one-on-one Impactful Public Speaking workshop is designed for people who present publically: present a speech or policy, accept an award, or attend or host a panel.

Over four hours we address your speech as an opportunity to promote your personal brand, engage your audience, and leave them with a clear understanding of your message. In learning to engage your body and project your voice, you build authority.

In these technical sessions we look at how to use your space effectively, use a microphone, and learn to avoid hiding behind lecterns. Chloé uses on-camera and sense memory training to increase your awareness of habitual patterns of speech and body.

Want to know more? Call Chloé on 043 0381 606 or send an email to [email protected]

The Impactful Public Speaking Workshop Covers

  • How to engage and keep your audience
  • Using pauses and silence for effect
  • Pitching your message to small and large audiences
  • Managing nerves and anxiety
  • How to prepare and rehearse your speech.

This workshop is specifically designed for individuals, with options for advanced public speaking workshops available.

Focus on content and storytelling
As well as providing technical tips and feedback to help you remain calm and keep control, Chloé uses your notes and ideas to provide feedback on your presentation. By looking over the structure and content of your proposed speech, we work on how to tell a story that engages your audience.

Impactful Public Speaking Workshop

  • Duration: four hours total (two hours theory, two hours practical)
  • Available for small groups or one-on-one sessions (intermediate to advanced)
  • Suitable for: individuals at all levels across business, education, politics, and government
  • Location: workshop held at your workplace or nominated training facility